How about you try real training?: Follow Biological Rules (English Edition)

von Martin Pfeifenberger
ISBN: 978-3-903440-52-4


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The playground of sport…

How does efficient, effective and sustainable training really work?
Especially in this day and age, when resilience and the immune system play a greater role than ever before, the contrasts on this topic could not be wider. There are countless „experts“ who promise the moon. In no other area are there more of them – except perhaps in politics.

Are content and form out of balance?
Hopes, dreams and desires are processed for marketing purposes and spread like wildfire via social media channels.
Each training method is yet more effective and efficient than the previous one, while taking less time. Self-proclaimed „biohackers“ and people who have reinvented physiology are making utopian promises.
It seems that human physiology has changed proportionally with the development of the internet, at least if you believe these promises.
Human physiology has evolved over millennia and will not change significantly in the next hundred years.
This book is not a training manual, it is intended to encourage reflection, questioning and scrutiny – whether in health sports, ambitious hobby sports or competitive sports.
What conditions should be created? What do the many terms buzzing around mean? How does it all really work?

These connections and backgrounds are explained both clearly and logically in this book – why one thing works and another can’t work. Understanding the „why“ is one of the most important prerequisites for functional, effective and sustainable training.

Many achievements and medals are the product of a series of coincidences, which are not all that rare – which is why many training systems persist.
The knowledge about the application of biological measurement data for physical training has been around for almost half a century – only the knowledge about the correct application is still largely a mystery.


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